Cleaning Services

Professional Cleaning Services in Pittsburgh PA can give regular employees back their time to work and focus on the tasks that really matter. Hiring a cleaning service can also improve the health of your home, making it more attractive to potential buyers.

A clean and organized business is vital for a positive first impression. A good cleaning company will ensure that all spaces are ready for visitors, while maintaining strict compliance with the standards and requirements set out by their clients.

Cleaning Schedule

Cleaning schedules make it easier for your cleaning team to get the job done. A good schedule will list all of the jobs that need to be done. It will include things like high touch areas that need to be cleaned regularly, and less frequent tasks like sanitizing ice machines.

It will also include things that need to be cleaned on an occasional basis, such as carpet shampooing, cleaning glass LED screens, or polishing wooden surfaces. The cleaning schedule should also include the products that are required for each task.

A good cleaning schedule should also have a day view to allow cleaners to see what they are responsible for on that particular day. This will help avoid confusion about what needs to be done on which day. It will also help to ensure that a task doesn’t get missed or overlooked.


Even the best run cleaning service will occasionally receive a complaint. It is the nature of the business. There are certain things that just will not be satisfactory to the customer – whether it is as simple as a missing item or as complicated as a misunderstanding in scheduling or expectations.

Regardless of the reason, it is important that the customer’s feelings are acknowledged quickly and fairly. An immediate, respectful response will help to defuse the situation.

Once the customer’s complaint is understood, it can be assessed to determine what the cause was. If the problem is a consistent one, a free re-clean may be in order. Recurring problems can also indicate a need for better training or clearer specifications. Taking the time to understand the root of the problem can help prevent future issues and make the client happy. A well-handled complaint can even turn a dissatisfied customer into a loyal, long-term client. Taking the time to deal with a complaint shows that your cleaning company takes it seriously and that they are willing to go above and beyond for their clients.


A company’s janitorial staff should be well trained. Providing training reduces client dissatisfaction and eliminates the need for costly “rework” (time originally spent on cleaning tasks or original materials and equipment costs). It also gives the cleaning operative a clear idea of the desired final surface specification, eliminating ambiguity which is an underlying cause of poor quality service delivery.

Often times when a cleaning business is looking to hire new cleaners they will schedule a group training session that all prospective cleaners must attend as part of the hiring process. This is a great way for cleaning companies to gauge how serious prospective cleaners are about their career in the industry and will allow the cleaning company to keep track of their progress and ensure they are ready to go out on their own.

In addition to training a good manager can set goals for each new cleaner that will help them become more successful in the role. This could include things like how to organize their janitors closet and what supplies they need for each location they clean. It can also be a good time to talk about opportunities for advancement within the company and give them a chance to ask questions and provide feedback.


Insurance and bonding are critical for any cleaning business. If a client slips and falls over your newly mopped floor and breaks their leg or if you knock an antique vase off of a side table and it shatters, your general liability policy can cover the repair costs and legal fees. It also covers damage to property and claims for reputational harm that are not covered by workers’ comp.

You can find a variety of insurance options online from companies like CoverWallet. Their packages include general liability, commercial auto, commercial property, and a business owner’s policy with workers’ compensation.

Many cleaning businesses will choose to get janitorial errors and omissions insurance as well. This type of policy will cover mistakes that result in a loss for the client, such as damage to a client’s computer or office equipment. Another common policy is inland marine insurance, which provides coverage for tools and equipment while they are in transit between homes.

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