Pest control in Little Elm Texas, and they can have a negative impact on the health of your family. They may also cause damage to your property.

If you need pest control services, you can contact a company to get an estimate. The cost will depend on the size of your home and the type of infestation you have.


If you have rats or mice in your Little Elm property, call a rodent control expert. These rodents can damage your home and increase your energy costs.

Rats can also spread diseases, cause structural damage and chew on wires in your home’s attic. They can even infest your refrigerator, washer and dryer if they get into those areas.

House mice are the most common pests found in Little Elm and Dallas County. These small, brown rodents are about 2/5 to 4/5 of an ounce and have long tails with scale rings.

These critters can cause severe damage to your home or business, and need to be removed quickly. Rats and mice can be prevented from entering your property by cutting off their food supply.


The Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex is known for its many pests and the Little Elm area is no exception. From cockroaches to ants, rodents to mosquitoes, pest control is a must in Little Elm.

Thankfully, the professionals at Orkin have over 100 years of experience in the pest control industry and are always on the forefront of scientific research. That means they can customize a comprehensive pest control plan to get rid of the pests in your home safely and effectively.

Your local Orkin Pro will start by conducting a thorough assessment of your pest problem. He’ll look at all the hidden areas and nooks where pests may be hiding, and will use that information to develop an extermination plan for your home.


Mosquitoes are a major nuisance and a health threat to residents in Little Elm Texas. Their bites can cause a variety of ailments including malaria, dengue fever, Zika virus and encephalitis.

Female mosquitoes, with their special proboscis and the ability to inject their saliva into blood vessels beneath the skin, are the main vectors for transmitting disease from human to human. They are especially problematic in areas with high rainfall because they can breed rapidly in standing water.

Various types of pest control methods, such as spraying pesticides or treating water sources with repellents can help keep these pesky insects away from your property in Little Elm Texas. However, it is best to have a professional pest control company in Little Elm Texas handle these infestations.

In the Little Elm area, mosquitoes often develop during the spring and summer, with peak activity from May through October. As a result, these pests can be particularly bothersome in the warmer months.


Spiders are opportunists, looking for any opening in your home where they can find shelter. They often hide in piles of old newspapers, dirty clothes, cardboard boxes and other materials that offer them cover.

These pests can be a nuisance, causing damage to your property and spreading diseases like rat-bite fever, hantavirus, salmonellosis, and babesiosis. You should always have a professional pest control company inspect your Little Elm home to make sure you don’t have a problem with these harmful creatures.

If you’re a business owner, the last thing you want is for a pest infestation to cause problems with your customers. This could lead to a loss of sales and damage your reputation. Luckily, you can have peace of mind knowing your commercial property is protected from pests year-round with a professional Little Elm pest control service from Romney Pest Control.