If you’re in need of plumbing in Detroit MI, you’ve come to the right place. The city has a variety of licensed plumbers that are ready to serve your needs.

Before contacting any plumbers, be sure to check their license and licensing information with the Michigan Licensing and Regulatory Affairs website.


Plumbers are the experts who install, repair, and maintain systems that carry liquids or gasses. This work is essential to the safety of our homes and communities, and a license is required to perform it legally.

The licensing process begins with an apprenticeship. Then, you must pass an exam and meet the experience requirements to qualify for a journeyman or master plumber license.

You can start learning the trade at a community college or technical school. If you want to earn a higher degree, Michigan has many colleges that offer plumbing programs and other training.

After you’ve passed your exams, you need to renew your license each year. This is done by submitting a form and paying the fee before the deadline. You can also apply for other certifications to demonstrate your proficiency. These can be helpful to potential employers or customers. For more information, visit the LARA website. This site has a thorough explanation of how to get a plumbing license in Michigan.

Licensing and Regulatory Affairs

Before you hire a plumber to work on your project, you need to make sure they’re licensed. This will ensure they’re following Michigan law and safety regulations.

In Michigan, there are three levels of plumbing licenses. These include journey plumber, master plumber and plumbing contractor.

The licensing process is simple, but it does require you to accrue a certain number of hours of work experience before sitting for an exam. The exam is conducted by PSI testing services.

You can also complete an apprenticeship in the plumbing trade with a union. These unions have training facilities throughout Michigan, including in Detroit, Madison Heights and Troy.

Once you have completed the apprenticeship, you’ll be ready to take the exam to become a journey plumber or master plumber. The requirements for each level vary, but you’ll need to have a certain number of years of working and training experience.


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Whether you’re looking for a plumber to fix a leaky faucet or replace a water heater, you want to be sure they’re insured. You can find out if they have insurance on the Michigan Licensing and Regulatory Affairs website.

The state requires all licensed plumbers to carry liability insurance before working in a home or building. This provides protection in case of property damage or a customer slips and falls on the jobsite.

Workers’ compensation and tools and equipment insurance are also necessary if you have employees who work for you. This coverage will help you pay medical expenses and wages if an employee gets injured while on the job.

MCA Detroit recently formed an alliance with the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration (MIOSHA). This collaboration will help more workers in the mechanical contracting industry foster safe, healthy workplaces.